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Michael Monagan

Research Interests

My main area of research is Computer Algebra which is also known as Symbolic Computation. I am interested in the problems of algebraic simplification and computing with polynomials over the integers, number fields, finite fields, and function fields, in particular polynomial GCD computation, polynomial factorization, and Groebner basis computation. I also work in computer algebra systems design, in particular the Maple computer algebra system and have an interest in applications of computer algebra. I am currently working on computing Dixon resultants and their application to problems in algebraic geometry.

I am perhaps best known for my contributions to the Maple project. Maple started as a university research project at Waterloo in 1980. I became involved in the project as a graduate student in 1983 and continue to be involved at Simon Fraser University through a collaboration with the Maplesoft company.

For further information about my research interests, including my publications and talks, please see my personal website.

I am currently directing the Computational Algebra Group (CAG) at SFU and the Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics (CECM), a research center at Simon Fraser University.