Computer Algebra Group at Simon Fraser

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Computer Algebra Group at SFU - Talks and Seminars at SFU

CAG Schedule for 2010

January 2010
     7  Hu Jiaxiong: Invariant Lie polynomials in the representation of sl(2) and sl(3).

February 2010
    10  Roman Pearce: Multicore Algorithm Design

June 2010
    2  Paul Vrbik: The Truncated Fourier Transform
   23  Roman Pearce: Sparse Polynomial Multiplication and Division of Polynomials in Maple 14.
       Stephen Melczer: Prime Decomposition of Ideals in Polynomial Rings

July 2010
   7   Mahdi Javadi: Parallel Sparse Interpolation over Finite Fields.
       Cory Ahn: Multiplication of Dense Polynomials in Q(a_1,...,a_t)[x]
  15   Konstantin Kazakov: The Formalism of Polynomials of Quantum Numbers in Problems of Molecular Physics

August 2010
  12   Michael Monagan: Polynomial Interpolation.

October 2010
  13   Michael Monagan: How fast can we compute the roots of a polynomial over a large finite field?
  26   Roman Pearce: Powering Sparse Polynomials

November 2010
  17   Vahid Dabbaghian: Cellular Automata, a tool in pure and applied mathematics.
  30   Roman Pearce: A Header for Multithreaded Programming.

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