Computer Algebra Group at Simon Fraser

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It probably works! Schwarz-Zippel Lemma The curious history of ...
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Parallel computing experiences with CUDA

Photo taken March 2017. From left: Marshall Law, John Kluesner, Michael Monagan, Garrett Paluck, Justine Gauthier, Lucas Hu, Baris Tuncer, and Matthew Gibson.

The Computer Algebra Group (CAG) at Simon Fraser University began in 1997. Members of the group are primarilly interested in the area known as Computer Algebra or Symbolic Computation. We use and develop software for the Maple and the Magma computer algebra systems. The director of the CAG, Dr. Michael Monagan, is one of the authors of Maple. For more information about the group and our research interests see About Us.

The department of mathematics offers several courses in computer algebra and related subjects.

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