Computer Algebra Group at Simon Fraser

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Computer Algebra Group Meetings and Seminars at SFU

Schedule for 2018

March 2018
   22   Stephen Melczer, University of Pennsylvania.
        Eventual Positivity of Rational Function Coefficients

May 2018
   15   Daniel Skoog, Maplesoft, What's new in Maple?
        Andrew Rourke, Maplesoft, Maple TA

June 2018
   1    Michael Monagan, CECM, Cubic linear Hensel lifting in ℤ[x]
   13   Michael Monagan, CECM, Cubic linear Hensel lifting in 𝔽q[x,y]

July 2018
   18   Michael Monagan, Department of Mathematics, SFU 
           Sparse multivariate polynomial factorization: A high-performance design and implementation.
           Sparse techniques to speed up multivariate polynomial factorization.
   31   Erik Postma, Maplesoft.  What's new in Maple?

August 2018
   8    Lucas Hu, Department of Mathematics, SFU
                Computing polynomial greatest common divisors using sparse interpolation.
   15   George Labahn, School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo
               Fast, deterministic computation of determinants and Hermite forms for polynomial matrices