Computer Algebra Group at Simon Fraser

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Computer Algebra Group at SFU - Talks and Seminars at SFU

CAG Schedule for 2011

January 2011
    17  Mahdi Javadi: Efficient Algorithms for Computing with Sparse Polynomials
    20  Mark Giesbrecht: Algorithms for Additive and Projective Polynomials
    21  Andrew Arnold: Algorithms for Computing Cyclotomic Polynomials

February 2011
    23  Paul Vrbik: Regular Chains: Theory and Practice

May 2011
    12  Michael Monagan: The FFT and Applications.
    17  Bruno Salvy: Newton's Iteration for Combinatorial Systems and Applications
    25  Michael Monagan: Sparse polynomial multiplication and division using geobuckets and heaps.

June 2011
     7  Michael Monagan: Computing over algebraic number fields.
    21  Michael Monagan: Multivariate polynomial GCD computation.
    28  Michael Monagan: Sparse polynomial interpolation.

July 2011
     6  ISSAC 2011 paper short presentations:
        • Roman Pearce: Numeric-Symbolic Exact Rational Linear System Solver by Saudners, Wood, and Youse.
        • Cory Ahn: Supersparse Black Box Rational Function Interpolation by E. Kaltofen.
        • Andrew Arnold: FFTs over poor fields by A. Pospelov.
        • Soo Go: Diversification Improves Interpolation by Giesbrecht and Roche.
    13  Michael Monagan: Computational linear algebra and rational reconstruction.

September 2011
     28 John Ogilvie: Graph Theory and Organic Chemistry
        Mike Monagan: Computing Reliability Polynomials

October 2011
     4 Jürgen Gerhard: A tutorial on Maple software development
     5 Jürgen Gerhard: What's new in Maple?

November 2011
    23 Cory Ahn: Fast Multiplication over Algebraic Number Fields.
       Roman Pearce: The "POLY" DAG in Maple 16.